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TexInnovation Lottery Funded Workshop. 22.8.22

I've been away for a month and came back to a workshop with Dawn for TexInnovation held at the fabulous Upcycle Kernow. This is a Lottery funded project.

Dawn had been saving plain fabrics for the workshop, and the box was BIG! We'd also been collecting interesting shapes and textures to print with. I talked a little about the inks and showed some examples from previous workshops but really wanted people to just get stuck in and create. We used Speedball screenprinting ink as it gives good coverage and dries quickly.

These fish were created with the waste material from flip flop soles! Two inks - yellow and blue - were rolled on the same roller but dotted rather than mixed together.

The circles are made by cardboard rounds from a button factory placed under the fabric and rolled over. We discussed simple shapes and printmaking and I mentioned John Peddar and his fabulous large prints. He is definitely worth a follow on instagram, very witty.

The inks were mixed to make a colour blend and this vibrant orange (above) The picture top right and bottom row middle are the same colour ink on different colour fabrics.

For occiasional free online courses and a good understanding of painterly colour have a look at Este McCleod.

The leaf is made, with an actual leaf! The blue bird by masking areas with a bird cut out and tape. The boat scene by drawing into the ink on the plate and printing from that; a mono print.

For the next set of Lottery Funded workshops at Upcycle Kernow, keep an eye on their Facebook page

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