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2024 Workshops 

(plus cake, there's always cake!)
Saturday June 8th. Reduction Linocut in a day!
10 - 5.15

Upcycle Kernow, near Portreath.
I love linocutting and particularly the reduction 
method which is the
result of layering colours one on top of the other, this results in a vibrant colourful print. This is a relatively complicated process. The morning will be spent cutting a small reduction linocut to understand the method. Once you understand the method you will then design your final piece.  We will master registration (keeping each layer in the same place) This will be printed as a small limited edition.

Saturday October 12th. Single colour linocuts & colour rolls
10 - 4.30

Upcycle Kernow near Portreath
'People that come on my single colour workshops often ask
how to blend colours to create a colour roll. This longer
Saturday session will teach you just that. Using extender
and white to make translucent or opaque colour rolls, fading from

one colour to another.
Click on the underlined type for more info 
Weekday workshops at Blue Bar in Porthtowan.

  • I'll show you how to create a test piece which can be used as a block print for a repeat pattern on fabric or for wrapping paper.

  • Then we will try a little more complicated design and print single colours on different papers by hand. There will be a selection of papers from the most delicate Japanese to more heavyweight ones. It's amazing what difference a paper can make.

  • I will bring a selection of printmaking books for inspiration and some of my prints to explain the difference between a one colour linocut, and then multi block and reduction methods.

Thursday May 16th 
Monday July 8th
Wednesday September 25th
All Blue Bar sessions are 10 until 2.15. Ticket link here

A few photos of previous workshops

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