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More About Niki Willows 

I live and work on the Cornish coast, although I grew up in Wells Next The Sea in North Norfolk. I am an outside person and feel strongly connected to the sea (I still call it the sea although technically I now live by an ocean!) My prints reflect what I see around me and often feature night skies, waves and birds. I like a bit of a story to work on and this shows in my doodly town prints. Currently I have made these of Wells, Porthtowan, Bristol and Plymouth. These are all places that I am familiar with and have bits and pieces familiar to me woven in to them. I'm a creative soul and I love to learn new things. Printmaking is a constant learning curve, and I'm loving the journey so far - Niki

My prints are for sale on Etsy (currently closed as we are away from home looking after father in law for a bit) and hopefully very soon on this here site. I was also delighted to be asked to stock framed prints in Blue Bar, and unframed prints in the Beach Shop, both in Porthtowan Cornwall.
You'll also find me at various markets, at the time of writing these are Mount Pleasent Ecological Market in Porthtowan and both Fete Day & Craft day at Wells next the Sea Carnival in North Norfolk as well as Christmas Tide there too.

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