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What a Fun Week!

Last week I ran three workshops; a one day single colour workshop at Blue Bar, a two day multi-colured linocut workshop at Upcycle Kernow and another there which was a Children's Session. I honestly had such fun, it was fabulous to work with so many different people sharing printmaking ideas.

Here's a snapshot of the week.

I had a full house at the Blue Bar session and they were a great bunch to work with. We began by cutting intitials into rubbers to make tiny stamps. These can be used to make repeat patterns or flipped upside down to make a larger piece.

The group got stuck in to their cutting and I reminded them to take regular stretch breaks, but I know it is so tempting to keep going.

Children's Session

This one was for parent's and children, this was my spiel on the booking site!

'I am a Printmaker in Cornwall with a background in early years education and playwork. So this is where my two world's collide!

The session is for you and your primary age child. We will be using exceptionally sharp tools which will comfortably take a chunk out of a hand or finger. Therefore if your child isn't used to using a sharp knife to help cook, then please don't book them on to this workshop. Your child will also need to be used to listening and following instructions (delivered in a fun and friendly way obviously!) I have four children, including twins, I am a Grandma and have been teaching both children and teachers for over 35 years, so just trust me on this!

If I haven't put you off with all of that then yay! This is a workshop for just five children and their parent/adult. We'll be playing with several types of printing and ending with linocutting. Printing is repeating a design and we can do that in many ways on to paper and also fabric. You'll make a small block (thing to print from) and leave with your prints on different papers and fabric. This is a shared class for you and your child to learn together. You are there to support your child.'

Surprizingly people still booked! We only had one bloody finger and both children and adults created some beautiful prints. We printed on white and brown paper and fabric too. We also tried printing on some book pages as Dawn from Upcycle had kindly donated an old encyclopedia to us. The children really listened to how to cut and quickly worked out which the v and u shaped tools did. Their faces were an absolute joy when they pulled their first print, have a look at this video

Fish Print

Upcycle Kernow was a great venue for my two day workshops. We were able to spread out and leave all the kit there ready for the next day. I set up with a variety of multicolured prints and their blocks ready to chat about. I find cut blocks really help explain things at workshops.

I had a small group as I hadn't taught this session before and it worked really well. On day one we cut a small multiblock print AND a small reduction print. This left everyone with some cogitating time overnight to think about what they wanted to do the next day.

And LOOK what they created! Fabulous stuff!

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