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Norfolk workshops at West Acre Gallery, 2022

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I had three full on fun days at West Acre Gallery. It's a fab little space, bright and light with a kitchen at the back. I'd taken tea, coffee etc but it was already all in place. My old school friend Liz came on day one to help me set up the tables. It was a bright day and the view out to the Beech hedge and trees was really just lovely. We don't have many big trees where I live on the Atlantic coast in Cornwall so this view was a real treat.

To find the gallery you have to drive round to the left of the brewery, and then keep going through all the old yards, down and ramp, past a barn... it does feel like you're going totally the wrong way. Just go as far as you can and you'll see the Beech hedge. Also, if there's been a lot of rain lately, don't come down Low Road, clue in the title there. Quite a ford to negotiate and a single track road. Luckily someone nipped into a gateway to let me reverse back up!

I ran two days of linocutting and then a third 'Feeling Festive' workshop where people created wrapping paper, cards and wooden decorations.

We used stamp pads and Caligo inks with a variety of papers and different shaped wooden decorations. I particularly liked the over printed decorations and gift tags when a bigger lino print was used.

On one session I had ten people and, having grown up in North Norfolk, many of them were friends. It was a lively session and the feedback was excellent (thank you!) but it taught me that I prefer fewer people. I felt a bit frazzled to be honest and didn't feel I was giving people my best. Lesson learned and class sizes will now be eight maximum.

I followed up three days of workshops with a stall at Wells Next The Sea Christmastide market with my sister. It's a great weekend with Father Christmas arriving at high tide on The Quay and a huge firework display over the marshes. Kate and I have fun running a stall together and will be doing it all again next year too. We did not coordinate our outfits, honest! The Polar Bear image is one of Kate's Christmas cards. Here shop is here

I'll also be back at West Acre Gallery in November running a single day linocutting - festive if you fancy! - and a two day course on multicoloured linocuts featuring reduction cutting and two block prints. Booking details here Linocut Workshop Tickets

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