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Feeling Festive?

Ho, ho, ho! Yes, I know it's only just November but it is fun to make a few bits and pieces for Christmas. I have been having a great time making wrapping paper, cardas and tags just for the display for this workshop, and I added some fairy lights because I do love a bit of twinkle.

I set up in the Board Room at Blue Bar for nine women, some came on their own, some with friends and one with her Mum whose birthday it was. We began with scraps of easycut and real lino to test the difference. This also helps people work out the positive and negative aspects of a print. Which bits to cut and which to leave.

We used ink stamp pads to print as this is quick, and they dry fast.

People chose to make cards, decorations, tags or wrapping or an A5 print. One lady wanted to carve a feather for her business logo. She began with a tiny one and throughout the session refined her feather from what she felt looked like a leaf, to this beuatiful stamp which she used in several ways and colours.

Others printed wrapping paper

Clair went down to the beach and took some photos of Lushingtons and Toban Horse and created a fantastic local view with lots of texture.

Her Mum made a beautiful winter scene with great use of light and dark

We had a colourful robin and a mermaid with a fabulous shell bra and a Cornish Christmas card.

I absolutely love to see the joy on people's faces when they pull their first print. Here's Kate and her robin.

There's a link here for the absolute basics that you need to begin linocutting. I would add a Slipstrop tool sharpener to the list too, although some woodcut tools do come with a sharpening stone.

The next Feeling Festive is November 22nd (2022) at West Acre Gallery in Norfolk - booking link here Hope to see some of you there!

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